3 Miles…

It’s amazing how far three miles can take you on foot.  Running is an amazing way to clear your head and really get the big picture that life paints for everyone.  It makes me want to take risks and opportunities that I might not have taken otherwise.  Running on a cold winter’s day provides amazing solitude. I love hearing how the sound of my feet hitting the terrain competes with the sound of my beating heart. I love knowing that even though it feels like I can’t take another step I can always continue to propel myself forward. When I run, it feels like my lungs and heart catch fire.  There is nothing more exhilarating than knowing that my body can take that  next step even when every muscle in my legs tense up and want to give. Running through the forest is like a metaphor for my life as I make leaps and bounds over obstacles.  Even though it would feel good to stop and rest, I know that my body can keep going.  I know that I can make new paths when old ones seem blocked.  Instead of turning around I continue forward.

I have a passion for running because I love listening to the crunch of leaves and sticks beneath my feet.  I love the way the air rushes past me as I strive to move forward one more step.  When I run it’s like nothing can defeat me.  I feel like I run towards a better me, a healthier me, someone who is going to takes chances and risks in life. It’s an invigorating feeling to have such a passion for life instilled within me again. Life doesn’t stop for anyone and I am going to get on a path and run it as hard as I can.

I want to watch life transform around me like the forest will when the weather warms up again. When it’s all said and done, I love feeling like my body is on fire because I know that I am alive.  I love the determination I have to keep going; it’s a reflection of the motivation and ambition I have in my own life. Just as I work hard to finish that last mile, I work hard to get where I am right now.  I love knowing that my body is like a beautiful machine whose parts all work together seamlessly.  I love feeling the rise and fall of my chest while the rest of the muscles in my body tense up. There is never a time when I feel like my body is working against me and I should always remember that life is not working against me either.  Positive thoughts.



~ by huskiepawz07 on January 3, 2011.

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